Bamboo art of Bastar

Bamboo art of Bastar

The Handicrafts of Bamboo is one among the oldest crafts better-known to man. It’s universally practiced at varied regions throughout India. India is had a fashionable source bamboo materials, and therefore the Indian artisans had observe to provide beautiful utility articles. These things are meant for family uses. In trendy days, numerous types of decorative things also are created out of cane and bamboo. The craft of Bamboo cane is full time employment of thousands of individuals in India. These artisans also are engaged in creating decorative things. the decorative price of Bamboo craft things is huge. The utilitarian side of those bamboo articles is an extra attraction. The vary of bamboo product is wide from boxes, chairs, teapots, baskets, hand bags, etc.

Bamboos are large woody grasses and over 1200 species of bamboo are known to exist throughout the globe, with sizes starting from miniatures to giants stems of over 60 meters. Bamboos are among the quickest growing plants on the earth and are an integral a part of the cultural, social and economic tradition .The traditional use for Bamboos to create household piece of furniture items like little stools, decorative things like flowers, utility things like pen stands, image frames, baskets and mud bins. engaging user friendly and eco- friendly product created out of cane and bamboo are fruit and vegetable baskets, beer mugs, hair clips, flower vases, containers etc. The articles created are mainly for day to day use. Bamboo is a smart substitute for plastics, steel and cement for housing, furnishings construction and agricultural tools and implements together with new styles and improved technologies. It’s additionally an ecologically property raw material which can offset the exploitation of our forests

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