Bastar Terracotta

Bastar Terracotta

The existence of Terracotta can be found in the remains of Indus Valley Civilization. In Bastar, the tradition of votive terracotta has its presence since a long time. The tribes of the region have spent ages living in forests and using natural resources. They worship nature and its various forms like trees, stones, animals, water and fire. These votive clay figures made by the potter community were used as offerings to the Mother Nature. They also used it to mark the various auspicious and inauspicious occasions like birth ceremony, marriages and deaths. Terracotta figures of local Gods were kept at the village periphery to keep away the evil spirits. Potters catered to the various social, religious and functional needs of the tribal community.

Tree symbolizes a sacred space in the tribal culture. Devkot is a sanctified place in the forest, surrounded by trees. It is a place of worship where votive terracotta figures are offered for the blessing of the local Gods. These offerings also mark the important occasions of the tribal culture.

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