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Terracotta Soup Bowl Set of 2

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Sold By : The Baked Earth

Ideal to be used as decorative showpieces for your living spaces. Can also be used to put dry artificial flowers Cannot be used to plant flowers with water.

Sizing Information:

    • 2.50*4.50 Radius

The Baked Earth is a brand by renonwed artist Mr. Ashok Chakradhari. He is famous worldwide for his innovative diya and he has also been recognized as social media sensation for year 2020 . He gained social popularity and got viral for his magic lamp. Apart from the magic lamp, he makes decorative horses, elephants and fountains based on orders. He also makes coffee mugs, dinner sets, water pots, etc. 

Ashok says, “Pottery is a family business that I learnt from my father. I have been practicing the art since childhood and have been earning from it all my life. I have three daughters, two of them are studying while my oldest is helping me with the business. She also does a bit of pottery.” 

Terra-cotta, (Italian: "baked earth") literally, any kind of fired clay but, in general use, a kind of object made of fairly coarse, porous clay, e.g. vessel, figure, or structural shape, which assumes a colour ranging from dull ochre to red when fired and is typically left unglazed. Because of its cheapness, flexibility, and durability, most terra-cotta has been of a utilitarian type. 

100% Made with love in India:- While others start cutting off their expenses and import products from china, we decided to made our all products in India.