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Deer Fusion

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Bastar art is a brand name under Bastar Kalagudi Hasthship producer company limited. This artisans producer organisation has been formed by the creative thinking of the Bastar government officials for the betterment of the Bastar artisan and connecting the art form from the region to the mainstream handicraft industry for economic growth of the artisans and the whole region. This initiative has been unique as it does not believe in providing short term solutions to the artisans as is being done by several organisations through their financial aid programs, but working towards providing a sustainable initiative to the craftsmen. The program intends to create a strong knowledge base among the artisans by giving them marketing knowledge, market demand knowledge, creating a community of the artisans through which they can collaborate and create a synergy and also helping the artisans by exposing them to the global markets. The program is using a blend of traditional knowledge, market insights and digitisation to rejuvenate the ‘vanished art form’. The purpose of the organisation is to increase livelihood opportunities of these artists by supporting them in taking their skill-set to the market through implementable methods.