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Bastar Foods

Bastar Foods Spiced Jaggery Powder | 100 G

Bastar Foods Spiced Jaggery Powder | 100 G

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Spiced Jaggery Powder

Quantity: 100 Grams

Ingredients: Jaggery, Spices

Description: Unlike the jaggery which is available in markets in a big solid form, Bastar Foods brings out Spiced Jaggery powder in a dehydrated form. Being dehydrated, it would not dissolve. Easy to carry and easy to use, with spices in it, the taste of it is enhanced. 

Specialities: Highly nutritious due to the addition of dry fruits and spices which are very beneficial in cold. It can be consumed with tea, kadha, milk with no requirements of extra ingredients. It is a very good alternative for desserts.

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