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The Baked Earth

Terracotta Coffee Mug Set of 2

Terracotta Coffee Mug Set of 2

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washing tips for terracotta coffee mugs
1. Take Luke warm water in any container add baking soda and lemon slices and keep products for some time
2. Rub it with any soft cloth

You can reuse it as much as time

1. No use of any harsh material like Steel scrubber or other
2. No detergent is used to clean.



100% Made with love in India:- While others start cutting off their expenses and import products from china, we decided to made our all products in India. 

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    Ashok Chakradhari

    This Piece of Art is Handcrafted by

    renonwed artist Mr. Ashok Chakradhari. He is famous worldwide for his innovative diya and he has also been recognized as social media sensation for year 2020 . He gained social popularity and got viral for his magic lamp. Apart from the magic lamp, he makes decorative horses, elephants and fountains based on orders. He also makes coffee mugs, dinner sets, water pots, etc.