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Bastar Foods

Bastar Foods Wild Honey | 200 G

Bastar Foods Wild Honey | 200 G

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Bastar Foods Wild Honey 

Quantity: 200 Grams

Description : Organic honey collected from the forests of South Chhattisgarh is a perfect blend of sweetness from the multiple pollen grains of a variety of flowers of the wild. Raw, Unpasteurized, Unprocessed honey made naturally by bees.

Ingredients: Multi-flora Honey

Specialties : Wild Honey is cleaned by a basic process and filtration is done to remove unwanted microorganisms which ferment the honey. Rich in medicinal properties, it is a gift

Usage info: Stir well before using. Add the honey to sweeten lukewarm or ice tea, lemon juice or to drizzle onto your favourite fruit and pancakes. Honey with nuts of choice is an absolutely delightful way to satiate the sweet tooth.

Specific storage info: Store in a dry cool place. Part or full crystallization is a natural process.

Info : It is neither artificially flavoured nor infused. It is procured through nomadic beekeeping. This product contains no additives, is free from artificial preservatives, synthetic fillers or binders. 100% natural.

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