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Handcrafted Dhokra Art Chess Board

Handcrafted Dhokra Art Chess Board

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This beautiful and unique chess board is made using the traditional craftsmanship of Chhattisgarh. this art is known as dhokra art and each and every piece is handcrafted with love by the tribal artisan of Bastar. This beautiful chessboard will add a unique touch to your living room or office.

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    This Piece of Art is Handcrafted by Narsing Nag

    Dhokra art is the famous art of Chhattisgarh, making it a favorite folk style for many customers, collectors, decorators, furnishers, etc. Dhokra art is inspired by tribal themes of animals, mythical creatures, human creatures, natural shapes, etc. The region is rich in the tradition of craft and culture. The Dhokra craft is found in Bastar, which is a district in the southern part of the state of Chhattisgarh.