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Bastar Foods Honey Mixed Nuts | 200 G

Rs. 450.00

Bastar Foods Honey Mixed Nuts

Quantity : 200 Grams

Ingredients: Wild Honey, Nuts - Cashew, Almonds, Peanuts, Chironji (Calumpang nuts), Dry dates, Spices like Harra, Baheda 

Description: Multi-flora wild honey directly procured from the dense forests of South Chhattisgarh, with no adulteration, mixed with nuts and spices, Honey Mixed Nuts is a nutritious substitute for sweets. 

Specialities: Wild Honey has been processed to increase shelf life. Rich in iron, protein, calcium, fiber and trace amounts of Vitamin C, Honey Mixed Nuts is a good solution for constipation, bloating and enhances appetite.