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Bastar Foods

Bastar Foods Mahua Laddu | 250 G

Bastar Foods Mahua Laddu | 250 G

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Bastar Foods Mahua Laddu 

Quantity: 250 Grams

 Ingredients: Dried Mahua flowers, Spices, Dry fruits, Ghee, Jaggery in the form of sweetener

Description: Mahua holds major importance in tribal culture. Hence taking it from their daily life, it has been designed in the form of Mahua Ladoo.

Mahua also known as Madhuca longifolia, this fruit is famous in the tribal area due to its medicinal properties. Ayurveda also describes the medicinal properties of Mahua fruit and its tree.

Often we know Mahua only for the alcohol because we are not told about its medicinal properties or we have not even tried to know.

Mahua flower is a powerful food which is gifted from nature for its highly nutritious nature. Even today, Mahua flower is used in different ways in the Tribal region, in which there is a practice of making roti by mixing Mahua Laddu, Mahua Pickle, Mahua Powder and flour.

Mahua Ladoo prepared by mixing it with dry-fruits provides energy to the body, removes the deficiency of hemoglobin and prevents malnutrition.

If Mahua Ladoo is used regularly for a few days with milk or in general, then all kinds of weakness in the body can be removed.

After post-pregnancy, there is more problem of anemia and weakness in women,
If such women regularly use Mahua Laddu with milk, then all these problems go away and the child also gets nutrition through mother's milk.
Mahua Laddu is pure and beneficial for people of all ages.

Specialties: Haemoglobin increases rapidly, malnutrition in children and hormonal imbalance in females can be sorted out, beneficial in fatigue, helps to ease headache and increases appetite.

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