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Bastar Coffee | Handpicked by farmers of Dharba

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Bastar Coffee is grown in the Dharbha Valley of Bastar. Cultivation of coffees is possible due to efforts made by The College of Horticulture and Research Station in Jagdalpur, an innovative initiative in Bastar for the conservation of forests and the doubling of local farmers’ income through coffee farming. Coffee is a plantation crop grown in most of the south Indian states but in Chhattisgarh, it is the first time coffee is cultivated. Some districts of Chhattisgarh state are found suitable climatic conditions for growing coffee, it needs shade, 500-1500 m elevation, and 15-30 °C with 70-90 % Relative humidity, edaphic factors vary according to species. Bastar coffee will help generate better income for the farms of bastar & it will help to improve livelihood in the region